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Ø September 2011: start of the Media4us project

Ø September 2011 – December 2011
The partnership gathers in Utrecht in October and sets its goals and objectives, then starts the recruitment of journalism professionals/enthusiasts with a migrant background, creation of national editorial and advisory groups.

Ø January 2012
The ‘Media4us Academy’ is being organized in Noordwijkerhout. 60 participants from 7 countries gather to discuss the implementation of the project, follow workshops on editorial  techniques for web and print media, set out the course for the production of the ‘Perspectives’ inlay and the organization of the international photo competition ‘Melting Pot’.
The younger participants express their interest in meeting youngsters from other countries within the framework of the project : the spin-off ‘Media4us Junior’ is born. 

Ø February – April 2012
Planning and preparation of the national Media4us websites and  national photo competitions, organization of national journalism workshops.

Ø May – June 2012
The national media4us websites go online!
Organisation of the national photo competitions.
First round of national civic journalism courses.

Ø July  - August 2012
The ‘Media4us summerschool’ is being organized in Brunsvik, Sweden as part of the ‘Media4us Junior’ spin off.  35 youngsters from 5 countries participate in a 4-day crash course on how to write articles, make video’s and address the press. The youngsters produce 4 campaigns concerning diversity and taboos.

Ø September - November  2012
Second round of national civic journalism courses.
Announcement of the winners of the international photo competition
The partnership meets in Budapest in late September and decides the themes and content of the forthcoming Perspectives insert.
Immigrant journalist travel to Brussels to interview the EU Commissioner of Home Affairs, Ms. Cecilla Malmstrom.

Ø 20 November 2012
Simultaneous publication of the ‘Perspectives’ insert in the free METRO newspaper in Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden and the UK. The first initiative of its kind in some of the countries, the Perspectives insert reaches an estimated 5 million readers across Europe and gives migrants a platform to portray their efforts to integrate in their host societies.

Ø November 2012- January 2013
Organisation of national roundtables in all project countries.

Ø February 2013
The international conference ‘Tuning in to Diversity 2013’ is being organized in Utrecht. During the event the project is being disseminated to 150 participants from 10 EU member states while 35 youngsters meet with local stakeholders in the multicultural neighborhoods of Utrecht and make recommendations to the municipality on how to promote the diverse character of the city.

Ø March 2013
End of the project


Perspectives is the international website for the Media4us project. Media4us offers ethnic groups in Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and UK the opportunity to express their visions on integration and participation. Media4us is co-financed by the European Integration Fund.
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