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International conference TID2013

Thursday 31 January 2013 | editor Media4us

On February 21 & 22 Mira Media and the Media4us partnership organised the international conference Tuning in to Diversity 2013 (TID2013) in Utrecht.

TID2013 was the closing event of the Media4us project. The conference attracted more than 150 visitors from 10 European countries.


On February 21 project participants from all 8 participating countries evaluated the different aspects of the project.


On February 22 the experiences gained in the project were presented through key-note speeches and various workshops.


The day started with a plenary presentation on the work of the Treaty of Utrecht association by Paul Feld.


Then Ed Klute of Mira Media presented an overview of the projects Media4us and Media4ME while Justin Koornneef and Tessa Hagen of BKB presented some campaigning techniques.


The morning ended with an inspiring presentation on the use of new media by the public's favorite James Cridland.


After the lunch break youngsters from all around Europe presented their impression of the multicultural society of Utrecht and then the participants had a chance to follow 2 rounds of 5 parallel running workhops each.


Finally the event was closed by an entertaining poe by activisti Kno'ledge Cesare.

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