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ODYSSEIA - Audio magazine launched by the Radio 1812 team

Thursday 20 September 2012 | editor Media4us

The launch of this magazine is also the first step in our preparations for another edition of Radio 1812, the global radio event on the occasion of International Migrants' Day.

Over the summer, we took a critical look at what we've achieved since Radio 1812 was launched back in 2006. We can now safely say that millions of listeners worldwide tuned in to special broadcasting put together by the hundreds of radios that participated in the annual event.
Once again, we urge you all to take part in this year's event. Over the coming weeks you will not only receive more info on the Radio 1812 event, but you can also expect more issues from ODYSSEIA, addressing such topics as the campaign for domestic workers' rights as well as reports from the World Social Forum on Migration in the Philippines and the Global Forum on Migration and Development in Mauritius.
For all information write to or visit where you can listen to or upload programs on migration-related topics.


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