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London Greek Radio

London Greek Radio broadcasts to educate, inspire and entertain the Greek community in London. The station also helps third gen­eration Greek Cypriots discover their roots.

Saturday 21 April 2012 | editor Media4us

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Walk into a shop or restaurant owned by a Greek or Cypriot Lon­doner and the chances are London Greek Radio will be playing in the background. London Greek Radio is the only Greek and Eng­lish language radio station in the world. It started airing in 1983 as a pirate station and became legiti­mate six years later. In 1993 LGR began airing 24 hours a day with broadcasts from Cyprus between 12 AM and 6 AM.

Famous Greek Cypriots on air have included George Michael, Anthony Costa and Peter Andre. LGR reports on the news hap­pening in London, Cyprus and Greece. It also produces musi­cal, educational and cultural pro­grammes that educate and enter­tain its 300 000 listeners. LGR plays the latest Greek songs, international hits and traditional Greek music.

London Greek radio is currently based in Finchley. Its audience con­sists of Greek Cypriots, mainland Greeks, Turkish, Armenian and Maronite Cypriots. The station is also heard by many English and Brit­ish born listeners as well as members of other ethnic communities.

London Greek Radio calls itself “The heartbeat of the Greek Com­munity”. Cypriot born Vasilis Panayis has worked for London Greek Radio for the last twenty years. He says people will call in to talk about almost anything, even to ask what bus to take or where to find a good doctor. Currently a lot of call­ers are concerned with the difficult situation in Greece. London Greek Radio is organising a fundraiser together with the Mayor of Athens during which listeners will be asked to donate clothes, food and money to be sent to Athens.